this is Venice

Venice, CA- The Art Walls: safe area for urban artists to expose their talent without regard to frames, galleries, restraints.

California is a huge, rad state. It’s the 3rd largest in the nation and has the highest population of all states. It is world-renowned for having every single climate available, having all terrains in the world, and being a world cultural hub.

This blog has been started to explore this state, piece by piece, city by city, starting with Los Angeles county and Southern California. This blog is dedicated to all locals who have lived through earthquakes, knew Arnold as a Governator, eaten Cali-grown avocados, know what LA dogs are, and worship Huell Howser. This is also dedicated to the east-coasters, out-of-towners, and celeb-wannabees who come here for the first time with hopes, dreams, relaxation, asylum, and by accident. To all my readers who stumble upon my blog, who are curious about California, who may want to travel here one day, or are here already. To all readers who want to acquaint themselves with our public transportation, lingo, food, and beaches.

Here I will try and document, describe, and involve you in my gnarly Cali shenanigans.

This blog is for my memories, your info, our excitement in life. Hope you enjoy it brah.


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  1. Thanks for stopping by and for making my post one of your favs!

    Btw, as I was reading down your page, I noticed that the column would cut off on the right hand side. Could be just a simple adjustment to the column width, access > Dashboard > Appearance.

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