Socal-ette loses her Wheels


As luck would have it, right before I left to work abroad last June, my beloved Honda hybrid’s transmission crapped out on me. With only about $1500 left to pay it off, it didn’t seem right to pay the $4500 it would have taken to fix/get a new transmission. Now many of my guys friends like to act all high and mighty, saying that it would have been worth it. But as I work abroad, and get free bus rides everywhere while here in Long Beach, my mom and I decided it was best to put it down. We recently found a charity to donate it to which was what She (the car) would’ve wanted.

Now without a car since June, I’ve relied on my flat feet, rides from friends, the Long Beach bus (free for anyone with a CSULB card, otherwise $1.25), and the LA Metro Rail. I’ve always loved public transportation but now I have time to fully appreciate it. And in turn, appreciate my surroundings. Cheers to the crashes Her and I sustained, to the new headlights and hood she received in March, to the crazy party nights, to the early work mornings, to the 250K miles She ran since 2004, and to the foodtruck festivals She took me to.

I unfortunately don’t have any photos of Her, but the memory of Her last tow back to Ventura County will always be with me. Her parts will hopefully feed many homeless people and teach some in auto shop classes.


*taps play* ::moment of silence::


Ok, now the REAL cheers to paying $5 for a metro pass and NOT paying $5.09/gallon for 87 octane  ^_^ YAYYYYYYAAAAA!!!!!!


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