SoCal-ette goes to the farm- The Original Farmer’s Market in LA


Raise your hand if you knew Los Angeles has farms?

Yea, that’s what I thought.

Well it does! On the corner of Fairfax and 3rd, it’s not as noticeable as a farmer’s market like it was in 1934, but it still delivers. Located right next to The Grove, it has now been built as an indoor/outdoor market with any and every kind of food imagineable. From Chinese to British, fresh fruit to deli meats, cajun/creole to sweets, there’s something for everyone at The Original Farmer’s Market!

Today, tha Mutha and I decided to eat lunch here before hitting the Metro Red line. Being her daughter, I’ve been blessed and cursed to be a foodie. Blessed because, let’s face it, bacon is the world’s way of loving us. Cursed because, well, bacon goes straight to my thighs. Anyway, we perused the market, ogling the exotic dragonfruit (nature’s yogurt), fresh beef jerky, spits of Churascarria meat, while trying to guess what

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countries all the tourists were from. We passed Loteria (a critic fave) Mexican stand, marveled at the made-to-order crepes from The French Crepe Company, and finally settled on my mom’s current fave: Creole/Cajun food. The Gumbo Pot makes the best in homemade gumbos, jambalya, beignets, even crocodile! Best of all, they had my mom’s fave: freshly steamed crawfish. She was nice enough to share. ^_^

Getting to the Farmer’s Market isn’t terrible difficult. If you’re driving, you will have to pay for parking but you can get your ticket validated. It comes out to about $7 to park. From downtown LA, you can drive west on 3rd street and the market will be right after The Grove on the right-hand side. If you pass Fairfax, you’ve gone too far. From the metro center (7th st./Metro center), take the ORANGE busses either #16 or #316 from 3rd street (in walking distance from the 7th/Hope intersection).

I hope you have a wonderful time exploring the delicious foods, interesting shops, and delightfully tacky people watching ^_^ Oh, and enjoy the fresh dried veggie chips! Cheers!


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