Socal-ette in LBC: the city bus, Creative ReUse, Orecciette & Dubliner Trivia Night


Today, this SoCal-ette decided to stay in the city. It was a beautiful day today, but in keeping with this being California, we are experiencing a lick of a heat wave. This entire week is supposed to be in the 80s-90s which sounds cray but if you’ve lived here as long as I have, it sounds about right. Give it a week and we’ll be in thunder storms haha~ Anyway, my day was best spent being the creative nerd who hides behind her MAC makeup.

My bf and I live downtown which makes it easy to take the local busses wherever. So early in the day, my yoga was done (don’t all SoCalians do yoga?) early, the dishes were washed, and the cat was fed. Like any ordinary Monday, the bf was long-gone at work which meant solo time for me. After I dropped off his lunch like a proper lady, I ran to take the 96 Zap bus to downtown. If you are ever in the LBC area, you’ll know that the 90s busses travel down 7th street as the main connector busses from CSULB to downtown. This particular bus was perfect as I needed to get to Elm and 4th. Here, there’s a shop, adoringly named The Long Beach Depot for Creative Reuse. Fiona Apple would be proud. Anyhoot, this place is the crafter’s mecca, a place where even the oldest of art teachers can find new inspiration. Every inch of the shop is covered in boxes and bins of crafting odds Elm between 3rd & 4th streets & ends, paper goods, wood and metal scraps, stickers, wine corks, keys, glass shards, tiles, material, straws, stamps, you name it! Its all donated so most items cost about 2-5 cents! I would come here when I taught art classes at the local high school since it’s eco-friendly, local, and cheap. After about an hour of browsing for Halloween items, the bf met up with me there. Although it was his first time ever coming into this shop, his eagle eyes  spotted an entire Jenga game set in the pile of wood scraps. We ended up with the entire game for less than $4- about $16 less than retail! Again, shopping local wins again!

After cashing out, we headed to the grocery store, via Long Beach bus 151 down 4th street. Right before home, we stopped at the grocery store. Tonight’s menu featured the Italian classic: Orecciette with Sweet Italian Sausage and Broccoli Rabe. It’s a simple, yet delightful dish with, of course, sausage, broccoli and ear shaped pasta drenched in a chicken broth simmered with parmesan cheese and chili flakes. It was the dish I had ordered when the bf and I had one of our first formal dates at an Italian restaurant in Culver City months ago. It’s a classic comfort dish, something that perhaps the wife of a hard-working farmer came up with centuries ago in order to stave off against the cooler months. It’s so simple yet so profound to this Socal-ette. Every bite brought us back to the look the we gave  each other across the table when we realized something special was happening.

Okay, enough of the sap.

After the food, it was trivia time! Every Monday night at 8pm, The Auld Dubliner on Pine avenue in downtown hosts Geeks Who Drink Trivia. Now if I’m the creative nerd, it’s only fitting that the bf is a geek…. who drinks. We met up with a few friends and instantly began to dominate. Through the presidential photo rounds and the music rounds to the miscellaneous round, we took the reigning spot yet again. While we played, I pondered about munching on something there despite being full. The food is delicious. A spin on Irish American cuisine that goes beyond simple bar food. My favorites have to be the potato leek soup, mac & cheese balls, and the traditional boxties. My bf and I will occasionally share a dessert, as their creme brulee and cheese cake has traces of Irish creme or liqueur. Everything on their menu is delicious and reasonably priced.

Another fitting start to the week: not having to spend obscene amounts of money for gas to get to my fave art place in Long Beach, the bf finding a complete Jenga set for peanuts, Italian flashbacks over swooning taste buds, and becoming the reigning trivia champs by the team name “Cum Join Me for Dessert”.


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