SoCal-ette rides the Green line, meets Led Zeppelin & Plays “Piano”


Today Ladies & Gentlemen, we explored the Metro green line to see where it could take us. On the map, it shows that the end point is Redondo Beach which a beautiful small seaside town, neighboring the affluent communities of Hermosa Beach and Manhattan Beach. I used to work in and around the area and never did see the train, so I was curious to see where it led.

On the train, I envisioned myself sprawled out on the beach on this warm sunny day, without cares of parking meters and traffic. From the blue lWillowbrook Stationine, I transfered over to the green line and went west. Here at the Willowbrook station, it was easy to see the Hollywood sign next to downtown Los Angeles in the distance while waiting for the train. The sky smelled like that crisp fall air I knew while growing up in suburbia years ago.

As we neared the end of the line, all I could see around us was industrial buildings and business jungle. Not exactly the beach I was envisioning. My bf and I had made plans to meet at the Southbay Galleria about a couple miles away from the Redondo station, however, the busses that came to this stop were only city busses. <B>The metro day pass only works for trains and busses with the Metro logo, otherwise I’d have to pay for city bus trips seperately</B>. BOO.

After a train back to Hawthorne Station, I leaped on a metro rHappy Thirsty Thursday!apid bus #740 down to the mall. The bus is like a train in a sense- only minimal stops and takes the TAP card/Metro pass. Soon bf and I were sipping on Thirsty Thursday margaritas.

Cinemark Theatre Nearing the evening, we hopped back to Hawthorne Station, connected to the Blue line, and rode it all the way to downtown LBC to catch the 7:30 Led Zeppelin movie he was dying to see at the Cinemark at the Pike. They were showing a limited release movie of the Led Zeppelin concert in Ireland during the band’s last tour in the 2000s. Personally Im not a HUGE classic rock fan but it was amazing to see them and hear them at such deafening volume. Some fans sitting around us even clapped, cheered and sung along. The bf just watched in silent wide-eyed awe. Very touching to see Robert Plant’s curly hair in all his glory.

No Thirsty Thursday is complete without some nightlife shenanigans. Tonight we headed to Gallaghers Pub on Broadway and Temple with the bf’s friend Alma. We were told they brought karaoke back from hibernation but alas, we got there and were told it’s EVERY OTHER Thursday~ Bah. Ok. Plan B: Sargeant Pepper’s Piano Bar on Pine it was. Dueling Pianos, $3 drink specials, and a Noob (Alma had never been before). It was cray fun, as we say here in Socal ^_^* Through the Herbalife Piano Bar time! convention drunkies, sing-alongs to Journey, shots of Choco cake and carrot cake shots, the Bf and I still had land legs enough to get on stage to celebrate our 1-month anniversary. The piano players will do anything to embarass party-goers, even when it means us dancing to a raunchy version of “Head Shoulders Knees & Toes”, which went something like: “Head, Shoulders, Tits and ass (repeat)”. Embarassing? Yes. Silly fun? Definately! Life is only fun when you can laugh at yourself once in awhile. And this Thursday was amazing.


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