The SoCal-ette in Maui


Ok so in case u don’t know yet, I work on a boat in Hawaii. Some may call it a huge boat, even a cruiseship perhaps. Anyway, as I’ll be out here for the next few months, I thought I’d share what’s its like living and working on one. Every week we go around the islands and today, we are in Maui (as is every Sunday). since I have some battery left and time before I work tonight, I’ll start you off with something that happened to me this AM while I worked shift #1 between 6:30-9am…

My manager, who’s about my age comes over to me while I’m rolling silverware with my coworkers:

Me: Good morning Sunshine ^_^

him: mornin’ (pause) hey, do you have a boyfriend?

me: does it matter? I don’t usually talk about my personal life at work.

him: why not?

Me: because as soon as people talk about their personal life, it affects their work life. And I’m not about to let anything get in th way of my money. 

Him: you just love to be mysterious huh?

me: nope, I just don’t cross-contaminate.

<He then walks away>

A couple things about me: 

1. I don’t shit where I eat.

2. See #1.


today is an overall good day 🙂 time at the beach to wet my toes, Oreo Ice cream, and later after shift #2 is girl’s wine night! Aloha, The SoCal-ette


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