Well-deserved wine & cheese


She’s back. In every job, there’s always that one coworker or supervisor who just makes ur skin crawl and ur eyes wince. She is one of the handful of restaurant managers onboard and is a Grade A-prime time Wanker. Now, I’m not normally a meAn person or a spiteful person but she represents all that is ever wrong in the Food & Bev department. Micromanaging is never the answer for adults who can work independently, yet she leans on that. And when there’s a guest issue or if we just need general help on something, she is quick to tell us it isnt her job to fix OUR problems while she goes to hide. At the same time, she somehow intimidates all of the other managers to the point where they can’t be relied on. 

Last night, my front waiter and I had some issues with our last table. A couple of foreigners (European I’m sure) sat down and immediately weren’t happy. Unlike all the other tables we had last night (who were cheerful & excited to be in Hawaii), this couple was wretched. The service was “too slow”, “too fast”; the food was “too hot”, “too cold”; the front waiter “didn’t pay enough attention to them” blah blah blah. It got to the point where we had to give them free espressos, my front got reprimanded in front of guests by the managers, and I felt totally helpless. 
So with Hell’s manager back and the last table being a problem-child, we were ready for our solid wine night afterward. 
Later in Crew Bar, me and the ladies powered our way through Wine bottles, fruit, and loads of cheese. Great friends, good laughter, and the lovely feel of wine swirling in our heads was exactly what we deserved after a horrendous night in the “Turn & Burn” section of the restaurant. Cheers!

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