The SoCal-ette on a Boat & hilo Drill Days


A couple posts ago, it was mentioned that I work on a cruise ship in Hawaii, even though I live in California. As a recap, I’ll be here til the Spring but til then, my all-California blog will be about life at sea. If I have time (which is rare), ill probably make a separate blog about this but til then, lets talk about Tuesdays on this ship…

Every Tuesday, we are docked in Hilo at the Big Island. And every time at 10am, we have drill. This is when the ENTIRE vessel’s crew is pulled out of college-life and into military-life. We report on deck, don our life jackets, run around doing mock emergency drills and get paid for an extra hour each week. This can be tiring since we already work more than full time but hey, it’s money to stand around. 
After drill, I usually do laundry, since most crew get off the ship right away. This way I don’t have to fight for a working washing machine. You would think, that for a company as rich as this who “values” their employees’ hygiene, they’d invest in better facilities.
Come march, we are supposed to have dry-dock where the ship is docked and re-vamped and fixed. They say it’ll only be for two weeks. My Money is on 2 months. This ship is o-l-d. Even the washer machines are fixed with plaster! Aloha, hope we don’t sink with all these leaks! SoCal-ette ^_^

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