A Homecoming Fight, A midnight Ex, A toothbrush. In 3 Days.


It’s been a couple days since I arrived back in California and already, I’m knee-deep in drama. its strange, considering how mellow I’ve come to be. After doing a social overhaul, I’ve actively been surrounding myself with good people or just doing things on my own. Regardless, here I am stewing over how some people are so ignorant.

Just this past Tuesday night, as Im trying to a have a good time catching up with my girlies in Ventura, things started stewing.As it was, my phone was already blowing up with ex texts about how “Ill never be happy” and that Im a “dumb b****” for not taking him back. So all I wanted that night was to sing, blow off some steam, and make drunken memories with my bestie. At the karaoke bar, Mel had gone to get our first round while I went to catch up with the karaoke announcer who was my good friend. Not even 10 minutes into being there, a frumpy looking 20-something year old Hispanic girl comes up and rudely interrupts us.

“Are you Marylou?”

Im slightly taken aback- I mean, obviously it is as my name was announced. “Ugh yes. Can I help you?”

“Are you busy?” Obviously I was. My face is probably looking curious right now.

“Because I need to talk to you. Can we go outside?”

“um no. Whatever you have to say, you can say it here.”

“no, I née d to talk to you in private.”

Damnit, she piqued my curiosity. I hesitantly walk out to the smoking patio, as I try to telepathically summon Mel. As soon as we are outside, this short girl (literally about two feet shorter than me) gets all ghetto and starts asking me if she scares me and if I feel scared. Really? My heels are taller than you.

“I’m not scared of you. I don’t even know who you are. But quite frankly, your cutting into my nice time which is starting to annoy me. I’ve been here less than 10 minutes, I don’t even LIVE here and you said you have something to tell me. so tell me.” Shes really testing my patience and I need a drink.

“We’ll I just need to know if you are the same Marylou who was hooking up with my ex boyfriend.”

“Im sorry?! What the fu…”

So she tells me that ex ex exes ago, she broke up with a dude (almost TEN years ago) because she thought he was hooking up with a girl named Marylou. Seriously? This is 2013 and you’re hung up on a guy from 2004? Whatever regrets or child support issues that are plaguing her need to not seep into my good time. By now, I’m whole-heartedly irritated, Melly walks out with our drinks concerned, and the midget-girl’s midget friends come out asking what is going on. I’m trying to stay calm, go back inside, then it starts. This girl sees my friend, calls her a b****, accuses me of having LESBIAN LOVERS (really? I thought I looked like the girl who did your ex). Suddenly something snaps in me. As her friends are pulling her back in the bar, she’s cussing and yelling, not at me, but at my best friend. How dare you bring my friend into this. Call her a b**** one more time.  I dare you.


Thats it. I RUN to this girl ready to pull her hair out, and start swinging. It took two guys and Mel to hold me back while this twat’s friends pull her out of the bar. The owner comes over, and I tell him to never let that girl in again. He agrees (as he would since I’m a good friend of his). Dannngggg…. Can I have my drink now?!

On the home front, my ex briefly ceases his rants (which I’ve ignored long enough to get tilted) to drive in the middle of the night to my dads housee hoping to see me. I find out the next day that he actually let himself into my dad’s house, wakes him up, and asks where I am. Dude really? Why would my dad tell you anything after you came in uninvited? Following this incident, I become subject to more of his rage via text message.

I found it funny that as soon as went to visit him to clear things up, I find another girl’s toothbrush in the bathroom.

“why do you have two toothbrushes?”

“Um cuz they came in packs of two.”

“who uses two at one time? Obviously they have both been used.”

After much prodding, my hunch was confirmed. He had a toothbrush ready for a girl he had been seeing after I broke up with him. And although I was back and he was trying to get me back, he still had this. Really?

Again, it wasn’t so much the toothbrush being there, it was the lies that came with it that ticked me off. seriously there is no reason to lie to a person you are trying to do right by. And if you are trying to play me, tough, I don’t play. That toothbrush was not just a toothbrush, it was a symbol of much more: ignorance, selfishness, and inconsideration. He tried defending himself by saying he never thought about it since he doesn’t think about her. I didn’t care about any of his excuses. I cared that he tried lying to me that it was “his toothbrush for the hard to reach places.”

Really? Girls accusing me of being with their exes if 9 years ago while my ex follows me and then lies to me. I’m supposed to be on vacation. Can I get a do-over?


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