A Drive to Little Tokyo, My Pledge to California, the Disorder


It was a beautiful bright and sunny day today in Southern California, which beckoned me out to drive around. Where to go, what to do? I definitely had wanted to visit Little Tokyo again so that seemed like an idea. From long beach, I took the 110 north to the 10 east right into J-town. Quickly, I was reintroduced to parking meters -_-‘
With my money in, I walked over to the Museum of Contemporary Art, as I had always wanted to go. It just seemed that every time I had come in the past it was closed for whatever reason. So the plan then was: go to the museum, have a nice lunch, maybe shop, and then back to the ExBFs place. As I started walking, a funny feeling crept over me. It must have been like when the ex felt like his plane landed on the wrong island when he came to see me in Hawaii. There was no one around, and the doors were shut. But the sign said ‘Open 10-5’ on Fridays. It turned out that they were temporarily closed for a new exhibit being installed. Damn. Why does it seem like every time I come out here, it’s closed?! My initial irritation was only punctuated by the fun music coming from my empty stomach. Yay!!! Best time of the day: eating time ^_^
Across from the MOCA is Ozero toast and boba shop which smelled delightfully like cinnamon. I grabbed a snack, sat down, and plugged in my phone. (Lol by this, you know my phone is an iPhone. My friend makes fun of me for having to carry my charger around. ) I chose the green tea sweet toast and a large boba milk tea 😀 SEE MY NEXT ENTRY FOR INFO ON LIL TOKYOS HIGHLIGHTS!!
After snack, I went window shopping and was pulled into the raddest hipster boutique I’ve ever seen. Number A clothing. Just the name alone was rebellious. The owners filled the boutique with local designers as well as aussie and japanese designers. After trying on several outfits of booty-short dresses, slashed leggings, and cray printed tees, I found my gem: a beautifully tailored Wool coat by Funktional. Ever since I got back to Cali, I’ve been cold, since I work in Hawaii. And although it was a sunny spring day, the nights are chilly. Cali has some of the best styles in the world that after today, I pledge to only buy Cali clothing. Sorry Forever 21.
Back at my car, just as I turned it on, some homeless guy scared the bejesus out of me. While knocking on my passenger window, he asked for some change. I was in a good mood, so I pull out my only cash- $5. I handed it to him, and instead of a ‘thank you’, this mofo has the balls to say: “that’s it? You got anymore?” My eyes grew wide and I gave him that CRAY CRAY CUT-a-BITCH look. Really?

In the evening, back at the exs place, more arguing ensues. I caught him in a lie about a girl’s toothbrush in MY holder. he claimed he had a 2nd one for those “hard to reach places”. Huh? I’m not a chump. If you’re going to lie, lie correctly. He finally threw it away after admitting to keeping it for a girl he was seeing while I was gone. He tried to validate it since I “was seeing another guy after we broke up anyway”. Yea, but I never kept a toothbrush for him. Girls, isn’t a toothbrush a sign of something more than just hooking up? I still can’t get him to understand that if Person A hurts Person B, it’s imperative that Person A try and do right by Person B if they want them in their lives still. It hurt to think that for every time he gets on my case about not taking him back “in time”, he could be using that energy on making me smile. He is obsessed about me taking him back. But the more he pushes, I feel like going crazy.
Lets face it. He is obsessive and I am compulsive. And together, we are a disorder.

Overall, a chill day despite the hiccups. And if anything, I got a new coat 😀


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