Cham Soot Gol kbbq, The Exbf, Stilettos


So wtf am I doing still having feelings for him?

 Today started nicely, relatively speaking. We woke up, fussed about him having to leave for work, then i dropped him off. All day I puttered around while gathering text messages of his affection. I wondered what it all amounted to. Sure he said he cared about me, but what about my needs? What did i need?
 Later, he insisted  he take me out to dinner rather than go to trivia. I may have a strong stomach but I have a weak heart for Korean BBQ. So I picked him up, and we headed to Cham Soot Gol (참숮골) in Garden Grove, just southeast of Long Beach.

The Look
 When you walk in, it’s traditional Korean marble and metal. It’s a fairly large restaurant with separate rooms and plenty of large-party tables.

The Mood
 It’s vibrant with energized hungry people. In Korean culture, it’s okay to talk with your mouth full, as eating is a social thing. So it’s a dull roar and perhaps noisy by American standards. But it’s ok, it’s BBQ. How serious does this need to be? In the background Kpop is pumped in and lovely billows of smoke waft around.

The Food
 The food is your traditional cook-at-the-table Korean BBQ, where we were brought fresh brisket, marinated beef, marinated chicken and unsalted pork belly to grill. For the sides, banchan (small side dishes) ranged from glass noodles, salad, pickled veggies, and potato salad. Then we each got to choose a soup. I chose for us: 1 tofu soul and 1 steamed egg pudding. Both are considered comfort food: savory, warm, and a slight buttery in finish. The meat cooked quickly and tasted even, slightly sweet, and so so delicious. My favorite side, the glass noodles, were perfectly soft, savory and had fresh veggies. Everything, with the exception of the soups were unlimited. Before the end of our gargantuan meal, him, the server and I had killed 3 bottles of Soju (Korean saké if u will). I shouldn’t have worn my stiletto boots. #californiaproblems right?
 At the end of our meal, we couldn’t stomach the thought of the unlimited ice cream bar they have too. “Next time”, we said. At about $20 per person, it was always a great deal: service was quick, food was fresh, and the staff was drunk and friendly 🙂
Cham Soot Gol
9252 garden grove blvd.
Garden Grove, CA
Now about today’s April foolishness…. Lets continue….

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