The SoCalette Heads to the Lone Star State


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I’ve never been to Texas. I’ll be the first to admit I’ve never had the slightest desire to go there. I mean, what’s the point? I didn’t vote republican nor do I like being away from the beach. But my good friend Jess now lives in Austin. So I decided that as my homage to her leaving Cali for school out there, I’d travel to visit.
The bf dropped me off at LBC’s airport (yes, there’s an airport, albeit itty bitty) around 11:30am. I then arrived in Austin at 4:30pm local time (2:30pm ca time). Once in Austin, I was amazed to see how un-hot and un-deserty it is. Hmm serves me right to stereotype right? Anyway, Jess picked me up and we ventured to South Congress.
South Congress is a district on Congress street in Austin where all the hipsters go. Fitting for my transition into Texas: used record shops, food trucks, art galleries, cafés and boutiques lined the area. It was like being back in Venice beach on Abbot-Kinney’s first Fridays.
There, we parked FOR FREE (lol anyone from California knows that’s virtually unheard of) and walked to find an eating spot. The idea was margaritas and queso. Queso, I was told, was like the Austinite way of differentiating good versus terrible Mexican food joints. Think melted cheese mixed with salsa and served with chips. We finally ended up at Guero’s Taco Bar. Perfect considering Jess is a guera (slang for white girl) and I like me some white meat. I’ll talk more later about the restaurant.
Her and I walked over, but then a guy playing a ukulele caught my attention. This stoner (he told me so, and he smelled like indica) was playing MY song!! Hellooo Marylou…. 😀

After dinner, we talked, window shopped, and I went back and tipped my crooner. Time for sleep before tomorrow’s exploration…


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