An Austin Lunch Blows a SoCal Gal Away



Swift’s Attic

The Look
At Swift’s Attic, instantly I’m in a birds nest. A giant birds nest fit for a kingfisher. The motif is industrial bird cage, hints of feathers and wrought iron surround the soft incandescent glow of this restaurant. This reminds me of Bungalows in West Los Angeles at te Fairmont hotel on Wilshire. There are paintings of swallows, and half-bird-half-man figures. Across from me, I was intrigued by the jest Wine tap system I’ve ever seen!
The Mood
Down-tempo by morcheeba, Supreme Beings of Leisure, Cold War Kids and the like fill the air. The employees are relaxed, the patrons are getting their midday buzz on.
The Food
Instantly, I sit at the bar, as a true lone eater does. I’m faced with 5 menus: today’s specials, cocktails, wine list, beer list, this week’s eats. Like a true Gastropub, the menu changes each week depending on the availability of the flavors, and the chef’s mood. The bartender entices me to do the $12 special: a choice of appetizer and a choice of entree. I get the charred edamame (charred soybeans served tossed in sweet chili oil, served with a side of POP rock salt, minced garlic) and the Pork-strami Sammie (a lush pork pastrami sandwich on perfectly toasted sourdough bread, complete with jalapeño sauerkraut, melted fontina, and Russian dressing). The Sammie also came with a side of fresh fries and an unmarked bottle of their house-made ketchup. To wash it down, I chose a bourbon-based cocktail as this is Texas. The Apricot Draper is a delicious, almost honey-like bourbon cocktail served chilled with angostura bitters, apricot brandy, bulleit rye, and finished off with a carpano-soaked apricot piece. It went down like sweet tea on a hot day. 
The verdict:
 As exquisite as the food was and as perfect as the drink had been, the short wait for the food was overshadowed by the quality. It’s now obvious why this is a 4-star rated place on Yelp. If I didn’t have such a short time here, I’d have stayed alllll day to eat more. Alas, $30 later, I had to leave and catch the metro. 
Swift’s Attic
315 Congress ave.
Austin, TX 
(Congress and 4th, 2nd floor)

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