The SoCalette takes a walk in Austin



Today’s plan:

Check out Austin’s metro, find some street art, eat some Austin brisket. 
If you have a smart phone, it would be handy to have a QR scanner. At each bus stop, there’s a qr code that will tell you the next arrival time in case you miss the last bus. That way you aren’t pacing back and forth wondering if it’ll be beneficial to walk or not to the next stop.
 On the 37, I went to Congress and tenth where I could connect to any bus or walk down to 4th street for the metro. 
 While walking, it was easy to see the architectural hodgepodge which amounted to visual excitement. From baroque to retro to modern cubism the visual stimuli rocks. There’s a keen Eco awareness in this city by the looks of all the rooftop bars, gardens, and venues. 
 While walking, I stumble across stars embedded in the sidewalks, kind of like the Hollywood stars. Names only locals would know are stamped, which is nice to see the local talent appreciation. 
For lunch, I yelped and immediately was drawn to Swift’s Attic. An American Gastropub on 4th and Congress on the 2nd level of what looked like a defunct apartment building. Lets see what this supposed 4-star place is about…

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