Next stop: California


You must be from California.

  At least that’s a direct quote from the airport shuttle driver this morning.
  I woke up here in Austin to see that unlike yesterday, it was raining. Rain. In 46 degree air. Seriously?! Well my plans for walking around downtown before my flight were now non-existent.
  At the university, I chilled with Jess for awhile in her office til the rain died down. Once it did, I said my thank yous and goodbyes, grabbed my bags and ran to the shuttle stop. Austin has this wonderful public bus system that will take you to the airport for $1 from one of its many university and downtown stops. It’s super convenient and made me a little jelly. One point for you, Austin. Anyway, as soon as I got on the shuttle, I huffed as I threw my stuff down to get $1. It had started to rain again 😦 that’s when the driver looks at me, my scowl and my wool coat. “You must be from California”, he said. Haha very funny lol.

  At the airport, I silently compared LAX to it and wondered: when the eff will Los Angeles get it together and build a nice airport? We get it, the ’84 Olympics was a hallmark but no need preserving the buildings that Mary Lou Retton walked through.
  I must be a Californian. Here I am eating Texas’ fave meat, brisket, and slathering mustard all over it. Eh. It’s good but it’s no Santa Maria-style BBQ ^_^

  Austin is a great city. Music, food and art are constantly combined and redone. Vintage stores abound and the hipster scene reminds me of west Los Angeles. Their food trucks are slightly different in looks but the same in soul. Serve great eats with fresh ingredients at reasonable prices. Austinites are Eco-saavy and remind me of my generation of Socalians. I’d def come back.

Damn I can’t wait for some warm weather, beach, and umami burger.

I must be from California.


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  1. Beats being told, “your so jaded with you California attitude.” 😦
    My response was, “thanks dude! have an awesome day!” (not knowing what it meant of course). As soon as I got back to California I decided to look up the word “jaded”. I was not to impressed.

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