My Cousin, the Mother


Thank goddess it’s Friday. Today, after being a lazy bum and shopping for flowers at the 99¢ store, the bf and I left lbc for Camp Pendleton & San Diego.

  My cousin, whom I grew up with, had moved there after getting married and having a kid. It was a trip to see her for the first time in almost 5 years. Who was once a feisty tomboy, she had the behavior of her equally tough mother. We caught up, I played with her 1-year-old, and the 5 of us had a nice homecooked dinner. Strange- I never did foresee her as being a domestic goddess, always partying, on-the-go, doing what she pleased. It made me wonder when id become that way. After all, she is two years younger.
   While she darted around in her kitchen cooking and cleaning, hopping and talking, I marveled at how she has grown up into a lovely lady. She still retained the freckles From her childhood. What would I retain and let go of when I got to that point in life? I became curious and afraid at the same time.

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