Disneyland & The Last Text Message

So as a treat to my lovely mother, I got her and I day hopper passes to the place where *magical dreams come true* ^_^
  When we got into the park, we turned 8. My mom and I have a nice relationship. I definitely get my sillies from her. We reminisced our past trips to the d*land, explored the new rides and of course, ate. A lot. I come from a long line of eaters and those who know me, know not to get me into a buffet.
   Anyway, the day was a blast! It was great laughing at the screamers in the Haunted house, leaning & laughing on Luigi’s Flying Tires, and racing on the new Car’s Land ride.  We even got to meet up with my friend/coworker Scott who work with me in Hawaii. The end of the day rounded off with a parade at Disneyland and the new water show at Cali Adventures. The mist and lights put me in a happy haze. My dream of a luscious turkey leg, pineapple sorbet ad a day with mom came true!
   After the entire day with the mother, I was to go back with her to Ventura County for the night and drive my car back to Lbc the next day. I hadn’t seen the bf all day but he knew I wanted my car that I’d left at my parent’s house. I knew he missed me, and that I couldn’t wait to tell him about my day. Without missing a beat, my mom suggested I didn’t need my car, and insisted on dropping me off. I love my mom ^_^
   When i tiptoed around midnight into the dim apartment, for a split second I imagined a heart-breaking scene of him with someone else. Yup, our relationship still scared me. But as quickly as that thought came, it went. My phone had died so there weren’t any way to tell him I chose to stay and just get my car later. He was laying alone in the living room, half-asleep. The moment I turned on the kitchen light, his tired eyes fluttered up. With counted movement, he got up and walked slowly toward me as I set my bag down. “Hi”, was all I could say. At about 4 feet away, he rushed over, scooped me up and silently embraced me. Up against the wall, his bare body met my Disney sweatshirt as we kissed.
   Right before bed, my phone was plugged in to charge. It turned out, that right after it died, the bf texted me:
   “Wouldn’t it be a nice surprise if I woke up in the middle of the night to find you climbing into bed with me to cuddle.”
   Well wasn’t today full of wishes and dreams~

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