The SoCalette as a Domestic Goddess, until 5pm


Today, I decided to celebrate *hump* day with a little gardening and cooking, Cali spring style.

   In the morning, I went to the 99¢ store which sold small potted flowers, followed by a trip to a garden shop for some soil. My balcony had been looking sadly bare so I chose a few brightly colored flowers: daisies, snapdragons and the like. What I like to do is buy large pots and put two to three different kinds of flowers in one pot to look like bouquets. While looking around the garden store, the succulents caught my eye. After all, needing very little water, my bf could even care for them while I was gone at work. Now, I’m not saying he is a bad plant-dad, but I wouldn’t necessarily trust my roses to him haha…
   Anyway, after repotting the flowers and putting the succulents in mason jars, I got to work on cooking lunch. Generally I’m a pretty good cook, however, rarely do I have the time. As a treat though, i thought I’d surprise Mr. Bf with my favorite pasta dish: oriecchete with broccoli raabe & sweet Italian sausage. I guarantee that if you follow the recipe exactly, it’ll come out perfectly savory and garlicky ^_^ When he came home for lunch, the bf nearly raped his bowl of pasta.
   Now, I’m not a domestic Goddess of any kind, nor do I ever claim to be. But damn. You plant flowers and make a delish pasta and tell me you aren’t happy with your day ^_^
   Later for dinner, we decided to hit up Long Beach’s first gastropub: The GastroFactory or “the factory” as known by locals. This place specializes in a weekly rotating beer selection by some of the world’s best craft breweries. They also carry locally made brews, hold monthly beer exchanges, and produce some fantastic farm-to-table eats.

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