The SoCalette Travels to LACMA & Finds Respect



Today there was no sleeping in. As absurd as that sounds, there wasn’t anytime to sleep. With only two days left my vacation, there was still so much to do. It was a beautiful day today so after I took the bf to work, I left the car with him, grabbed the bus at Traffic Circle, and ran down Ximeno street to 4th.
   Instead of catching the 4th street bus (#151) to our apartment, I walked the 5 or 6 blocks under the gorgeous sun. Before taking the metro blue to Los Angeles today, I stopped in Scratch, a new bakery in long beach. They have some delish lemon meringue cake!  That sugar high fueled my journey to the LACMA.
   In Los Angeles, the Stanley Kubrick exhibit was at full swing, as well as the live jazz bands at the LACMA. Of course, by the time I get settled, my phone is about to die. however, like any good iPhone keeper, I had my charger and managed to guide my bf to meet me. We romped through the contemporary art halls, kissed in the sunshine, and relaxed in eachothers’ happiness. There were families set up with picnics in the grass, enjoying the love music while the children ran around. It was a lovely time to say the least.
   For dinner, we drove just down the street to The Stinking Rose. This restaurant in Beverly Hills specializes in garlicky goodness. Every dish has garlic, and even some drinks. Over intimate conversation and some of those cheesy eye-gaze moments, it was easy to see that this next contract abroad wasn’t going to be easy. We finally had this newfound respect for eachother, and from past experiences, respect yields the greatest return in a relationship.

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