The SoCalette Gives Up…. Drinking… Bets, Anyone?


So it’s on. I’ve given up alcohol.

And no, I’m not preggars.
I’ve decided that this contract around will be less about partying and going to work hungover (or drunk) and more about bettering myself and prepping for the future. Like any self-respecting gal, there comes a time when tequila shots turn into that one good martini. And that one good martini will have to wait til
I come home. My friends are already taking bets and making calls like stock traders while my bf tempts me with his drinking stories back home. I’m here to work, do yoga, save money, and frankly, win the bet.
    What bet? My bf and I have this running bet about who will be hotter when I come back to Cali. We all know who’ll win, but just to tip the scale, I’ve quit drinking. It has cut my late night food cravings and saved my money. So it’s a win win 🙂 can’t wait to be back to Cali with a rockin body, new yoga poses, and to a happy bf!

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