From Hawaii back to LA: the SoCalette shouts out


I miss LA

The smell of bacon-wrapped street dogs, hot pavement, cheap perfume, salt water, scooter exhaust, metro dust.
But no matter how muh I miss SoCal, I’ll miss living in Hawaii dearly. This Sunday, I’ll not only celebrate living and working on a cruise ship for a year, but it’ll be the last time I debark.
After much fighting and paperwork, I decided to resign from a job where I’ve met the best people in the world. My coworkers, friends, are some of the most hard working people in the world. With their sweat, tears, heart, and sometimes blood, they spend every day for 5 months at a time. Shout outs to my fellow servers (not servants), the cooks, dishwashers, housekeepers, bar, reset teams, core teams, cruise staff, tech staff, hosts, managers, and everyone else. Without you and this entire experience, I wouldn’t be who I am today. Because of you, I appreciate life so much more. No longer am I the scared, cocky girl I was. Now I understand hard work never has to stop if your goals are important enough.
  I didn’t want to leave so abruptly. But due to poor management, life milestones, and lack of freedom, I’ll be heading back to the CA this week.
  I love u Hawaii. I love u my friends. Mahalo for the good times, both remembered and forgotten ^_^
Can anyone tag me in your Los Angeles Instagram pics? @thesocal_ette
Thank you!

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