The Socalette celebrates Maui madness Monday


Who would have thought? Of all the times I’ve been to Hawaii, Maui has by far surpassed Oahu on the beauty charts.
Unlike Oahu, it’s rugged out here. The charred red dirt, the dry winds that blow westward, the secluded white sand beaches.
There’s a melancholy sweetness about this island. This is my last day on this island before I go back to California and I can’t help but marvel at the fleeting time.
It’s been exactly a year since I started working out here in Hawaii, and never did I think I’d get a chance to challenge these winds.
As a celebration of this past year, I rented a moped from a friend who owns a shop out here in Kahului. Then to rest my head, he suggested the North Shore Hostel, rated maui’s best hostel. For less than $100, I got wheels and a roof to explore.
After almost getting blown off the road toward Lahaina, I turned around and headed toward Maalea harbor. Here, is hawaii’s largest aquarium, storefront harbor, and beautiful beaches. After a Mac nut pancake & Portuguese sausage brunch, I wandered to the boat docks where a local told me about Hokūle’a.
Hokūle’a is a beautiful hand-made replica of a Polynesian ship that has been made to set sail for the next 4 years around the world. The Polynesian Voyaging Society has appointed skilled sailors to navigate the stars just like the days before Hawaiians. It’s a beautiful ship, made of hau wood and foam. It will sustain waters from Hawaii to Micronesia, to Southeast Asia, Madagascar and Africa, through Europe, along the eastern seaboard, through Panama Canal, and back to Hawaii.
After leaving, I went back to where the cruiseship was docked and waited to meet friends. I’m blessed to have been on this journey and am excited for the next chapter. Mahalo nui loa 🙂


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