The SoCalette Goes to War… With Filth


I should be happy.

I mean, I’m back in California, and it’s summer time, and I’m surrounded by friends and family.

So what’s wrong?

I don’t know why, but things big and little have been bugging me. A huge thing has bugged me all day.
All week, the bf was super excited that I was coming home. He kept talking about cleaning the apartment for my arrival and getting things in order. I knew he was also battling a flea outbreak since our kitten contracted fleas recently. So imagine my dismay and shock when I get to the apartment. Dead bugs on the counter, filth on the kitchen and bathroom floors, old spilled milk EVERYWHERE, dirty clothes/bedding mixed with clean, and a hoard of dirty dishes. I’ll spare you the dirty cat details.
It was like a disappointing slap in the face. Where were the many times this week he said he was cleaning? Of course my cynicism flared up in my mind.
So the entire day he was at work, I had no choice but to clean. I couldn’t stay in a filthy apartment, it wasn’t comfortable. How could he think I’d be happy to be back the way it looked (and smelled)?
Through the swigs of rum and whiskey, I managed to deep clean the entire apartment. I actually broke a sweat! By busy-ing myself, I managed to ignore how disappointed I was. I mean, so what was he doing the entire time he told me he was cleaning? I get it, we had some relationship problems recently but if a person says he is going to do something, I would kind of expect it to be done. Wouldn’t you feel the same way if you got that kind of reception?
Smh… Now I kind of miss the ship~


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