The Socal-ette Sounds Off: Thank you for being my Ex


After only 2.5 days of being back in California, the light shined up on me. It was a silent breath that cleared my mind.

By the grace of Father God and Mother Earth, I realized I have sold myself short for far too long.

Instead of unloading a ton of negativity and hopelessness on this post, I want to say thank you.

Thank you for talking to me and caring about me when we first met. Thank you for making me feel special at times when I felt so low. Thank you for climbing trees with me in Ventura, walking down Venice boardwalk, and people watching everywhere. Thank you for being open to the changes I made in you- clothing, hair, shoes, demeanor. Thank you for being open to trying new things, for taking shots like a man, and trying new foods. Thank you for getting me that menudo the morning after we had a drinking contest. Thank you for the carne asada fries.  Thank you for a fun/spirited Halloween. Thank you for the karaoke nights at Gallaghers and the dance nights at Gaslamp. Thank you for the shenanigans at Legends following the craziness at the Dub. Thank you for taking care of me when I was injured, and the road trip up to Idaho. Thank you for defending me  when I apparently did the Running of the Drunks nude in your apartment building. Thank you for meeting me out in China town and little Tokyo via metro. Thank you for having revolving sushi with me. Thank  you for being enthusiastic about playing pool for the truck. Thank you for the greeting cards. Thank you for flying out to Maui (well, Kauai first). Thank you for the care packages. Thank you for hiking with me and mom. Thank you for motivating me to exercise on the ship. Thank you for liking my cooking. Thank you for the movie and game nights. Thank you for appreciating the lunches I’d bring you to CSULB. Thank you for driving my drunk ass back from Doug’s. Thank you for trusting me with your children. Thank you for doing a list of fun things to do with me. Thank you for the wine tasting in Oregon, down to California.

Thank you for pulling the rug out from under me in December. Thank you for packing up my stuff. Thank you for not waiting for me. Thank you for forcing me to enjoy shiplife through hard and easy times. Thank you for forcing marital thoughts in my head til it spun. Thank you for making me choose between my independence and being tied down. Thank you for losing the bet. Thank you for not answering your phone when I needed you. Thank you for throwing out the fun list we had. Thank you for taking her to trivia. Thank you for lying to me. and lying to me. and lying to me. Thank you for telling me I cheated on you while we were just dating. Thank you for calling our bf/gf label on facebook “just words”. Thank you for hacking into my facebook. Thank you for pursuing me while seeing others. Thank you for not supporting my job choices. Thank you for teaching me how to read between Bipolar phases. Thank you for calling me selfish. Thank you for talking shit about my parents, family, and for calling my bestie a “Horse Face”. Thank you for the toothbrush fiasco. Thank you for borrowing money from your ex to support your habits. Thank you for bringing me to a disgusting apartment. Thank you for calling me names. Thank you for asking me to apologize for your messes. Thank you for putting bridge ahead of spending times and making memories with me and family. Thank you for forgetting who opened you up to new views, life, and excitement.

Finally, thank you for making me realize what it felt like to overcome obstacles, forgive, forget, and move on from things. I don’t think I have ever separated and reconnected with someone as many times in one year than I have with you. Whether or not another reconnection happens In the future, thank you for all the experiences. At the very least, it has toughened me up, made me remember my morals & values, and has me looking forward to more living. Mayhaps one day we can be friends and reminisce about our craziness over a glass of wine. Til then, I still win the bet.

“Relationships should not be hard. Every relationship has ups and downs but they should not be hard. Go in with an open-mind and a ton of hope. Everything will fall into place.”crazy


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