Sunflowers in San Diego



Sunflowers are happy flowers. They’re not the state flower, although both them and poppies are very energetic. And because of this quality, sunflowers are my favorite flowers.
   Any boyfriend I’ve had who actually has paid some attention to me knows about my thing with sunflowers. I could have a shit day, til a sunflower shows up and it draws me back to my positive self. It’s golden yellow face elicits a child-like smile, while reminding us that life can be simple AND happy at the same time. They are symbols of summer, light, earth, and happiness.
   Lately my life has not been so joyful in the relationship arena. With the recent move away from negativity, I’ve been trying to shift into a more positive mindset built within. I got so caught up in deriving my happiness from external sources, that I forgot myself. I forgot who I am and how strong I can be. I forgot my morals, values, and therefore, happiness. When the external factor disappeared, I was left with confusion and frustration.
    I loved my boyfriend. However, in light of what happened, I realized I was more in love with who he WAS and what he COULD’VE BEEN. Rather than who he IS NOW. Now, in Sam Diego, I’m seeing signs of making the right moves. As soon as I walked into the house I’m renting, it felt like my former apartment: Buddhas everywhere, feng shui, light, gold and orange hues, and best of all, a framed photo of a sunflower. And another photo of a sunflower on the fridge. And more sunflowers painted on the back patio floor.
   How is that for a sign that I’m going in the correct direction?

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