Socalette Finds a Fortune, and then some


“You will always have everything you need”

As I’m digging around my giant handbag this morning  while rushing around before yoga, a tiny slip of paper falls on the carpet.
  I picked it up and it was an old fortune from a fortune cookie. “You will always have everything you need”, it read.
     That fortune became my mantra at yoga today. When my mind started wandering to the fact that I have no incoming paycheck a at the moment, I meditated on the fact that money is fluid, but time is the most valuable thing. That would spur my mind back to focus. This wasn’t the time for worry, it was for work. Working on getting my mind back on track, my body back on point, and my souls back. It has been years since my last class of ANYTHING, so having to sit through discussions, theories, history, models, and wisdom made my head hurt. What a way to celebrate being off the ship and out of a relationship~
  What did that old marines commercial say? “Pain is weakness leaving the body”. In yoga, brain pain is weakness leaving the spirit.
It was time to let go of the weakness.

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