This Woman Warrior gets a Burger… Dun dun dun!


Today the women warriors and I took to the park to celebrate the last day of week 1 during this intensive. Under the lovely sun, we discussed asana, correct posturing, and class ethics as a teacher.
As I sat on my Hello kitty towel, my eyes focused in on a huge tree next to us, and déjà vu set in. That was the tree from my dreams months ago- the dream I’d have repeatedly. The dream had visions of me with my ex’s kids picnicking underneath. And to see it in front of me, without the kids or my ex, was surreal. As if I finally figured out how to change my precognitions. Snapped back to reality, I realized it was lunch time. We all dug into the Cous Cous I made the night before, as well as the other lovely food everyone brought.
Later that evening, my friend invited me over for some study time. God knows how much reading I had been putting off. Around dinner time, he had mentioned that he wanted a burger from a fast food place. A piece of my soul died. Being on this yoga kick has really cleaned up my eating habits. I guess my face said it all, because before I said much, he changed his tune and suggested we go to a place downtown called Burger Lounge. Apparently he could have his burger and I could have grass-fed organic beef. Yea i may sound “bougie”. But atleast we didn’t have mystery meat~ We sat out in the back patio, talked about a mixture of the most racy things imaginable and our daily lives. I carefully deflected from any speak of deep interest in him. I care about our friendship, and frankly, I’m still reeling from my last relationship. As we walked back to his place, I marveled at how beautiful downtown is. The concrete, the lights, the patches of dusk sun streaking through the buildings, murmuring the end of a long weekend…
Break is FINALLY here!!!

I need to sleep in…


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