The SoCalette Does Burger Lounge


Little is an overstatementThe atmosphere:

    Laid-back and contemporary, the initial vibe of the lounge is just that: like a lounge. Mellow music, soft but bright lighting, and balanced colors of white, chocolate brown, orange. It made me feel like I walked into Joan Jetson’s kitchen. There’s a patio in the back that has been carefully decorated to preserve the small space. The awnings are interesting but doesn’t make the space stuffy.
The service:
 After we ordered at the counter, they gave us this tag. You’re supposed to insert it into a pager thing on the table, so it signals servers to bring your food. Our server was prompt, courteous, and attentive. Especially when it came to ketchup, ranch and refilling our drinks WITH THE CORRECT GARNISHES TOO!
The food:Refreshing!
  Organic at its best! Although the new Lamb burger looked amazing, I had to try their signature Lounge burger: an organic, grass-fed patty, “lounge” bun, organic cheese, fresh tomatoes and lettuce. I held the 1000 island this time, and chose the “Little Lounge” size. It was a good thing too: the portions are NOT small. Overall, the flavor was enough to not have to add salt or pepper, but it was also light in that it was obviously lean meat.  We shared the 1/2 & 1/2: half onion rings and half French Fries box. Delicious without the grease! To drink, I ordered the prickly pear lemonade. 1st: I LOVE prickly pear. It’s those pink cactus fruits that are surprisingly very sweet. Add that to fresh lemonade? And you’ve got summer in a cup!
Burger lounge
528 5th ave.
Gaslamp district
San Diego
Open til 3am on weekends!

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