The Socalette has Conversations with Spirits & Ghosts

   Today I had an intimate conversation with my self. (Self: physical body, spiritual body, mental body.) The morning started off a bit loopy, what with a lovely homecoming-hangover from the night before.  Slowly, I rolled out of bed/couch, and got dressed for church. I’m not religious like I was growing up but something called me to speak to a higher being. As I drove to the San Diego mission, the ex was emailing me more nonsense about visiting him. He is still hell-bent on making me “his” while he verbally strangles me with derogatory names, insults and accusations. I had to pray for him. If I couldn’t make him see how he has hurt me and how he will continue to hurt others, I had to hope that he’d see the light someday. When I got there, I invited him to meet me at church, as he apparently had his brother pick him up from long beach to take him to San Diego.
   Church was spiritually enlightening, and just as I thought God doesn’t pay attention, he answered my hangover. As soon as I kneeled down, my strap on my dress popped clean off, and I nearly gave the congregation an eyeful. God has a crazy sense of humor~ The sermon was nice today: relatable, as it was about community action and invitation. I invited Aaron, but alas, he never showed. His excuse: I didn’t have a ride.
    After church, yoga was in session. It was great taking what I learned spiritually into my physical practice. I focused on my skin, each hair follicle, and pore. I thanked each inch for being. I imagined each pore an eye, looking at the world with breath and curiosity.
later I was blessed to witness the most amazing thing after yoga: a black older couple helping a seemingly drunk and highly disheveled white man, perhaps in his mid 40s. He was about passed out on a resident’s porch when the couple found him while walking to church. The couple asked him if he was okay, and the man gingerly grunted something about his hat. The black man then carefully took his left arm and hoisted him up to his feet while his wife pushed him upright.
 “C’mon, let’s go to church,” the black man said. “It’ll be nice,” affirmed his wife. And the three of them walked together across the street to the congregation.

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