Seeking Vishnu on the West Coast


During yoga class today, my new meditation focus was “truth”.

  During a break early in the morning session, my friend Cindy had brought out her tarot cards she had. As I took some time I choose an unknown card, I channeled the thought: What’s real?
  When I finally chose a card and turned it around, it revealed Vishnu and in one word underneath, “truth”. That was interesting. Especially since me and the ex had a conversation the night before about honesty, ego and lies. Also interesting since I’ve been pulled in different directions lately in life. The blessing of having many options is a curse in that we are confined in the consequences of our choices.
   Now, Vishnu is the middle (and some say the most powerful deity) of the Hindu triad of Gods. He is a Vedic Supreme God, meaning one who creates, preserves and destroys. The triad of these Gods include: Brahma (the Creator), Vishnu (the Preserver/Organizer), and Shiva (the Destroyer). Although he is only 1 of 3, some have considered him the highest in terms of relevancy to our day-to-day lives. He is the keeper of the NOW, the current. When we meditate on this very moment, we meditate through Vishnu. He represents balance and alignment. Through Vishnu, we are able to see what is real and what is inauthentic. Therefore, Vishnu is essentially the God of truth. You are not living in the present unless you are conforming to what’s TRULY going on in and around you.
   Lately, my life choices have been overwhelming. From “what kind of job should I get- my original day job or a new but similar job?”, to “Should I live in San Diego, Ventura county or Los Angeles again after yoga school?”. No option is off limits. I’m blessed to have friends everywhere and endless possibilities, but sometimes I feel it would be easier to have someone just tell me what to do~ ironic huh? We spend our entire lives trying to be independent, but find it exhilarating when people tell us what to do. Maybe that’s why some people (or secretly all people) want to be dominated. HAHA that’s a funny thought… Kind of makes me wonder.
But it ties back into “truth”- what do we truthfully want, and are we ready to receive it anyway? What do I want? Am I READY to receive it?
I trust in the universe to guide me…. Atleast away from the Inland Empire.
Anyway, goodnight ya’ll ^_^

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