The Socalette is Back in Ventura, Away from Boys


So I’m back in Ventura county for now…

       It’s bittersweet strange. It’s time to start anew, get away from the drama of past lives, past hurts, past lies. Along the way of moving around and trying to fill the emptiness of when Andy and I broke up, I lost myself. And ironically met a guy trying to find himself too. Our paths converged, but no where were we supposed to have more than a fling I think. However, it was elongated by his lies and persistence and need to always be right. Then I found myself in a web of deceit and verbal and emotional abuse. I don’t wish that on even my worst female enemy. For you ladies reading, his okcupid name at the moment is “growinboy”.
     As for me, I’m alive and kicking with my high heels on. Just got admitted to grad school, have job offers from San Diego to Santa Barbara, going to pursue the best in people who want to be better, and hopefully meet some great people and professionals along the way. I don’t need a guy’s validation to be awesome. There are 20 million people in socal, and there has to be guys who:
-have no kids and no ex wives
-love their jobs
-care about their nutrition and overall well being
-have and love their awesome family
-doesn’t believe in verbal abuse towards women
-who recognize what’s in front of them before its too late
…is that too much to ask or is that just a request from a a girl who’s standards are too high? Because, quite frankly, my standards haven’t been high enough.
     Now, I’m enjoying the friends I’ve had and the friends I’m meeting. Life is about happiness beyond boundaries, learning beyond comfort zones, and hiking trips with great people. This week is nerd week: the Perseids meteor showers, museums, Fiestas in Santa Barbara, hiking, beach time, dinner parties, reunions. With all my newfound free time and mentality, I’m stoked at what’s in store.
Cheers to new beginnings. Without boys. Without boys with kids.
Btw Aaron, your welcome for taking those pics of you that you used on your OKC account. And no, I’m not screwing anyone. Now get off my WordPress.

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