Guys, Boys, Men… I’d Rather Eat Glass


Lately I’ve had this strong urge to not be around guys. In any medium.

   Not too long ago, I was at the grocery store. In the check out line, there was this dude behind me. Although I was minding my own business, I couldn’t help but quickly analyze him. Hmm sideburns, tall, Hispanic mix, VERY expensive motorcycle jacket, helmet, not older than 28, fit, holding a container of ceviche (like the best food ever). He was cute by normal standards. But I didn’t really care much. When it was my turn to pay, the cashier asks what my order was. “The 20 pounds of marinated chicken,” I said, pointing to two ten-pound bags. That’s when the guy next to me said, “twenty pounds? What, do you re-sell it?” With a hint of laughter in his voice. “I happen to love their chicken, and so do my friends. I’m picking up for all of us haha,” I said.
   So we go outside and start talking as I’m weighing two giant plastic bags of raw meat. The more we talked, the more I noticed the small things: his teeth, smile, mannerisms, etc. Instantly, I knew I was wrong- he had to be younger than me, by far. So before we parted ways, I suggested we swap Facebooks.
   Later on while driving back to San Diego, I flipped through his Facebook. Obsessed with motorcycles, has a good group of friends, very athletic (rock climbing, swimming, running, etc), and close to his family… Then the invite he made for his last birthday. His 23rd. -_-‘ Don’t get it twisted, he is a nice guy. But since our encounter, I’ve been busy, he’s been busy, and I made it clear I’m not looking for sex. I didn’t bring up his age (because even 27 year old guys can act like children). However, I don’t currently have the patience or resources to deal with any random pop-up craziness that comes with a guy younger than me. Him and I are strictly friends.
      Now, due to my ex’s inspiration, I’ve reluctantly opened a dating site profile. It’s not my style, but I have a handful of gal friends who use them and swear by them. Call me old-school but Id rather meet people in school or whatever. But since my ex insisted on meeting random chicks off of this site when he was pursuing me, I thought id see what the big deal is. Call it a social experiment. So far, a couple guys and I have messaged back and forth but I haven’t met up with anyone. Some are nice, some are weird, most are too cocky to save themselves. So I keep my distance. I’m not my ex, I don’t need a person to validate who I am.
Me and my intuition. It’s a blessing and a curse. But now all the more reason to not date for awhile. Now off to do some yoga…

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