Thirsty Thursday & the Firefighter


It literally took me all morning and afternoon to get up and around. As lazy as I felt, I had already committed myself to a date. Yea yea, I know Im not ready to date but what’s the harm in a little chit chat over a good dinner? The date was with this guy from the online dating site I SWORE I’d never actually use. However, with the recent crap I’ve had to put up with by my ex and his boasting about meeting new chicks from that site, I thought, “Fuck it.” The real irony came when earlier today, my exbf sucked me into another one of his games that involved me unblocking his phone number, just long enough for him to tell me that he had dated some Asian chick blah blah and wanted to still take me to dinner blah blah… dinner on the same night I had actually decided on my first  meeting with an online guy. Ohhh the irony.

Now, normally, I like to let relationships happen naturally. I don’t like forcing or feeling forced to date. But was I doing myself a favor by closing myself off from actual nice guys just because of one bad relationship experience? We decided to meet halfway between our two cities, which happened to be Thousand Oaks in the valley. Good, I had to turn in an application around there anyway. It was a warm, sunny day, and I was worried my makeup would melt off. The valley is soooo awesome during the summer time ::rolls eyes:: He was nice enough to choose the place and make the 7pm reservations. As soon as I arrived, it was clear this place was swanky- outdoor fireplace, expansive wine cellar, live guitarist, menus that change daily. We met on the patio, and as soon as I saw him, my thought was, “What the f*** am I doing here?” But the apprehension didn’t stop me from sitting down, smiling, conversing, and eventually sharing some crab cakes. Eventually, the time comes when I tell him I am NOT looking for anything serious at the moment, and follow it with bits and pieces of what I’ve been through the past few months. He understood and agreed things must be from a purely spontaneous source. Quickly, we went on to other topics, punctuated by our dinner and by brief moments of analyzing his mannerisms. I really dug that he became a firefighter EMT because he couldn’t stand desk jobs with no intrinsic payoff. I didn’t quite dig how he ordered a dish he kept complaining about- if you don’t like mushrooms, don’t order a dish with mostly mushrooms.

“So, I just have to ask this, please don’t get offended. But many people lie on their dating profiles… Do you have kids?” I asked.

“No, but many of my friends already do. Maybe one day I guess but not right now.”

Hmm… the skeptic in me wondered what he was hiding though. Not that he had to be hiding anything. Obviously, my ex has scarred me and it sucked when I just wanted to give the benefit of the doubt to a seemingly nice guy.

After dinner, he paid (as a gentleman should), while I offered to grab dessert at this local gelato place. As we were walking out, my squirrel mind focused over to the expansive wall of wine bottles. When I turned forward to open the door, my face met the glass door! *THUD*

“Oh my God! Are you okay?!”

“Yea, I’ll be fine. I’m just a huge klutz,” I laughed.

WOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW…… Thank God we were having gelato for dessert- my lip puffed up like botox.

At the gelato place, we talked more about religion, hobbies, the usual~ But also about how we celebrate holidays, our mutual love for dressing up during Halloween, our desire to go camping at the beach before the end of the summer, and about how awesome sandals are. It was a nice time. At my car, he hugged me goodbye, and I drove away wondering how I should feel about the night. Honestly, I was still emotionally stunted and was just happy to have not met someone weird. Problem now was: if we ever hung out again, I’d have to shove my ego aside if I wanted to wear heels, as he’s only an inch taller than me. I need some yoga…


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