The Socalette Tastes 1000 Wines in Santa Monica


For a couple of weeks now, I’ve been angry. When my ex was trying to befriend me a few weeks ago, he had lied to me about going to Santa Monica with a coworker of his while he was depressed. As he played the sympathy card, little did I know that he was lying to me about actually meeting up with a girl who he had met online. Later on, after some cross examining, I found out he had lied AGAIN and really met her out there, spent money he didn’t have, and ended up getting in a car accident (karma).Santa Monica Promenade at Dusk

Now, although lying to me made me angry, it was the fact that he got to enjoy Santa Monica in the summertime before I did that really had me stewing. I mean, not like I own Santa Monica or anything, but damnnit, when was it my turn to enjoy it? The beautiful white beaches, the warm sea breeze, the fun pier, and the seductive nightlife… What’s not to love? It has grown into Los Angele’s big sister of the west, and continues to push for new and innovative architecture, design and living standards. It’s clear why it’s so attractive- a perfect mix of beach and city.

My friend (let’s call her “J”) had emailed me earlier this past week some kind of Groupon-like deal: “$25 Unlimited Wine Tasting at Monsoon for 3 hours,” it read. JUST THE ANSWER I NEEDED. Wine, beach, friends, sushi. At 6:30pm, I jumped in my car, drove down the Pacific Coast Highway against the sunset, and marveled at the natural beauty that surrounded me. Moments like this made me wish we could dial down the tempo of time and stay in the golden dusk of California.

At the restaurant, the group of us six started on champagne, as almost 100 people poured in. In the private restaurant area, we had our own open wine bar, a fantastic dj, and tons of fresh sushi. I can’t remember how many tastes I had, but considering the pours at the bar, the pours at the table, and J getting me refills, we joke about having had 1000 tastes. Red, white, rose, dry, sweet, champagne, imported, local, the list went ON. In the end, I was mixing up text messages (NEVER NEVER DRUNK TEXT—– DAMAGE CONTROL IS DIFFICULT AFTER WINE LOL), J was hopping around trying to pick people up (to no avail as she is 90 pounds), and our friends D and S kept spilling red wine on the floor (and my dress is black & white so of course I was freaking out). Thankfully they called last call, just as J fell on the dance drunkyfloor and just as my sandal broke (Damn you Forever 21). J’s husband got her up, and we walked down the promenade to Barney’s Beanery. After the bouncer carded us, we sat down and quickly sobered up on cocktails and greasy food. Halfway into my cheese sticks, my friend E joined us and contributed late-night pancakes. He knows my thing with carbs ^_^

After the night out, E followed me back to J’s place, just to make sure I’d be okay driving since you can’t really leave your car in downtown SM overnight. As I drove down the 405 to Redondo Beach, I looked in my rear view and couldn’t help but wonder… how fit does one have to be to wear such a tight motorcycle jacket…. Damn this wine. Back at J’s place, J and her man were already knocked out (how J drove, is BEYOND me). But she left the door unlocked for me. E and I tiptoed in, sat on the couch and talked about everything and nothing. He asked about my dating style, and my body tensed. With a deep breath, I told him snippets of my apprehensions and their sources. Putting his head down, he said, “I’m so so sorry. No one as sweet as you needs to ever go through something like that. And I’m not saying it just to say it, I’m saying it ’cause you deserve happiness.” Was this really vulnerability I was seeing? Or a façade?

“I-I know. But I can say I did some things I’m not proud of.”
“Maybe you have, but I don’t think that defines who you are.”
“Thank you for realizing that. I guess I’m still learning about who I am. That’s why I’m not trying to date yet.”
“I understand.”

With that understanding, his lips met mine as he kissed me gently. To my surprise, the tension then eased. Quietly, he got up, tucked me in like a child, put on his gear and let himself out. Right before I fell asleep, I wondered if he could taste the 1000 wines from earlier…


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