The Socalette at the Getty: Hangovers, children, and other 1st World Problems (Part2)

Around 7pm, I was back in Torrance, waiting for E to get off work. Just as I fixed my makeup, my dad texted me that he needed me home for something by early morning. Dammit. He always has this way of making me feel like a child. So I texted E, and let him know I couldn’t stay out too late. It turned out that he had to stay later at work anyway (or so he says~). Bummed as I was that we weren’t going to hang out, the firefighter texted me just then, asking how my evening was going. Ha. Forty minutes later, I drove into Sherman Oaks to a restaurant called The Peasant. Another swanky place chosen by him. Hipsters wall-to-wall, beautiful guys and gals fresh out of Urban Outfitters, and the occasional Cougar or Sugar Daddy (hey, it’s the valley~). We got a drink at the bar, then headed to a table. He had eaten already, so I ordered a portobello burger (mostly to challenge his hatred of mushrooms). For about 2 hours we talked and laughed… Then I just HAD to ask him… “So I just have to ask, how would you feel if we went to a club or something that didn’t allow for sandals?”
  “That’s fine. You can wear whatever you want.”
  “Okay. Because I love dressing up if the occasion calls for it.”
  “Is this your way of asking if I have a problem with girls being taller than me in heels?” He smirked slyly.
   “Ummm haha well I wasn’t askin because of that but if you took it that way, then okay. Personally, height isn’t a huge deal for me, I’ve hung out with guys shorter and taller than me.” Would that convince him that I’m a not bothered by his height?? Do I even care to convince him?
   After that, we talked about preferences, bartending, camping, and OKC shenanigans. It was kind of refreshing to not feel weird about the latter. However, a little voice inside of me whispered, “I wonder how many other girls he’s talking to from OKC right now as well…”
   “So what about my profile made you want to talk to me, I mean because, you obviously can have any guy you want,” he asked as I snapped back to reality.
   “Umm,” oh crap. How do I answer this?! He looked like a regular white dude, shaved head, nothing different than most others. And his profile had mentioned “laid back” like ten times…. I sat and thought. I kind of felt bad, perhaps he was waiting for an awesome ego-stroked answer.
    “You seemed genuine,” I started. His eyes lit up. Ok, I’m in the clear, “and honestly, you looked like a nice guy and it’s been awhile since I’ve been around a nice guy I guess.”
   So the night wasn’t a total waste. Good food again, witty conversation, and no pressure. We hugged and parted ways. Cheers to weekends!
 Mon-Sun 4pm-2am
 Brunch Sat-Sun 11-3pm

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