The Socalette Babysits her Cousin… 18+


Omg this clubbing thing is sooo different when age is separated by wrist bands… All too often a guy will strt dancing with me and as quick as I can breathe, I scan for their wrist band. Not having one means they aren’t 21 or over…

  Such a shame I’m killing them before they’re born… I’m sorry, no titty milk here.
  Don’t make eye contact, don’t make eye contact, don’t make eye contact, GODDDAMNITTTT NO I DIDN’T MEAN TO MAKE EYE CONTACT WITH YOU!!!!! Ughhh where the heck is your wristband??! ::I turn around and walk away::
Omggg ur so sweaty!! And I spilled half my rum, as a klutz would…
Where’s my cousin?!
So as I’m walking out during last call, I spot this dude sitting by himself looking kinda sad… Or maybe super drunk (he had a wrist band). Something then compelled me to say hello: “are you okay?”
  “Ya I’m just watching everyone.”
  “Ok well you look sad.”
  “Oh do I? Nawww I’m okay.”
  “HEY!” A security guard motioned me to move out of the aisle with his flashlight. Asshole.
  “Hey, sit here,” the obvious foreign guy said.
   “Thanks. So what’s up?”
   We get to talking about why he’s alone. And instantly, a memory pops up about what my dear friend GC told me weeks before: “you like guys who are emotionally distraught.”
   So I find that this guy, Eddy, is from Ireland and is traveling by himself, claims he is 28, and tells me I’m pretty. Thanks Bro. So he says we should get something to eat. Outside at the cross walk, it’s him, me and my cousin and his gf. This dude constantly (and drunkenly) asks me to ditch my people so we could “get to know each other better.” No fool. I’m with them.
   Just before the light turned green to walk, this guy (who is just my height, with a purple shirt, and a shaved head) leans in to kiss me. I jerked back, and gave a confused look, “I think this is where we stop talking. Please don’t follow us. I’m good. Thanks.”
   “Okay, we’ll goodnight!”
   I walked and didn’t look back.

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