The Socalette Starts to Sweat, Finds Miracles, & New 1st World Problems


Early this morning, I woke up with the gorgeous Cali sun in my room, reminding me it was time to get dressed. Despite last nights shenanigans, i had an interview at 10:15am today in ojai. Ojai is a gorgeous scenic country town in the heart of Ventura county, home to ranches, farms, camping spots, and hiking trails. Also home to a 5-Star resort that I was interviewing at. On the drive through the hills, I was reminded by my gas light that I NEEDED to make some money- my bills were overdue, I couldn’t keep borrowing, and school was starting soon. So, in my yogic spirit, I prayed. Over and over until I had to interview.

  Despite already sweating in the 80-degree heat (yes, 80 at 10am), the interview went pretty well. The HR rep was actually more enthusiastic than I was about me possibly working there. She kept talking about pushing my paperwork through, how resilient I am, etc etc. As much as I wanted to get excited too, my nerves were shot- I couldn’t stand the thought of getting excited, only to be let down like I have many times this past year.
      On the way back to Oxnard to visit my mother and have lunch, I drove through the towering oak trees. Some trees facing the road had those signs advertising yard sales and houses for sale. But one sign stuck out:
    At my mother’s place, as cooked lunch, she became serious all of a sudden, “I’m glad you’re here. I have something to show you.”
  “Oh, what is it?”
  “Well, it turns out, and I know you’d want to know this in person, but it turns out that God is looking after you,”
   “What do you mean?” I asked, as I slowly put my chip bag down. She explained to me that when we paid off my last car in full, we over-paid. Wellsfargo then sent us a check yesterday for almost A GRAND! Instantly, I was in tears! She didn’t know this, but I’ve been struggling since I got back from San Diego. Its not because I go out all the time, but because I just haven’t worked in a few months. But this experience has been super humbling, as I’m used to working all day, everyday.
An hour later, I got called for a second interview at another place… Now the first-world problem I face: scheduling all these interviews so they don’t overlap. I’ll drink to that!

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