Ocean Seafood Chinese Restaurant, Chinatown Los Angeles

As a gift to myself for starting school, I thought I would treat myself to some dim sum. By taking te metro red to metro gold line, I was able to make the lunchtime dimsum at Ocean Seafood in Chinatown.


-Fried Sesame Prawn Eggroll: 6 flash-fried shrimp wrapped in a filo-dough wrap, standing on slightly-sweet mayo. Lightly flavored, better with soy sauce. Good flavor but not $10.99 good, as when I think of prawns, they’re generally large shrimp. These were run-of-the-mill shrimp.
-seaweed salad: a good portion of the salad which pairs well with anything greasy or fried, as it is served chilled and considered a vegetable. One of my favorite Asian food items.
-shrimp cilantro steamed dumplings: 4 per case, these delicate hand-pressed dumplings are rice paper on the outside and minced shrimp, garlic and cilantro inside. Lovely herb flavor and a hint of sea salt. Great with a little chili paste.
-tea: unlimited refills of their jasmine tea with one order. Always served piping hot. Beware of the pot, it sometimes leaks when pouring.
-almond jello w/stewed fruit: deliciously sweet milky gelatin with an almond essence. A great finish to a meal if you aren’t looking for anything heavy. The flavor was perfect but the presentation lacked the specialness of the rest of the meal and the restaurant itself, as it was served in plastic, with a plastic spoon.


right as I walked in, I was promptly greeted and sat at a table next to the window. Before I could even sit down, there were two servers asking me simultaneously what I wanted to drink and if I were having the Dim Sum lunch. Although a tad startling, it was nice not having to wait. A couple minutes later, two dimsum carts came around, delivering options from steamed food to raw or fried food. I chose my plates and got to work. The servers and cart handlers all spoke very good English (surprisingly as this is Chinatown). When the third cart came with desserts, I asked for the Almond Jello. The lady said she was out but she would send someone over. While I waited, another server came over to refill the hot water in my teapot IMMEDIATELY after pouring my tea. Wow they’re attentive! About 15-20 minutes later, I realized no one had come by with the almond jello. I flagged a server down (hesitantly, as it’s not my favorite thing to do in the restaurant industry). He was very prompt in bringing me a dessert and getting me the check. However, I was left to my own devices on when to leave and how quickly/slowly to eat.


This restaurant has been a Chinatown staple for authentic Chinese cuisine and Hong Kong-style dimsum dumpling service. Beautiful ornate chandeliers and large bay windows lends elegance to balance the ever-present Fresh Fish tanks near the entrance. Every table is re-covered with a fresh table cloth between meals.

Overall: I would definitely come back, and also recommend it to anyone looking for a memorable date-spot, quick lunch spot, authentic Chinese food, or a large gathering spot. Keep in mind, it’s AUTHENTIC Chinese, some food requiring an open mind and firm taste buds if not well-acquainted with the culture. Try their fabulous duck!
Ocean Seafood
Parking $5-$7 but validation may grant free parking on some days. Call for current parking rates.
Also near the Metro Gold line, China town stop.

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