The Socalette is FINALLY Open for Business!

Only 1 made, Vintage materials, Swarovski elements, $20

Only 1 made, Vintage materials, Swarovski elements, $20

So after a lifetime of creativity bubbling in different directions, and countless nights spent up til dawn designing and making jewelry, clothing, accessories, handbags, blah blah…. I’ve mustered up the time and courage of starting an Etsy site. For those of you who aren’t in the know, Etsy is the Ebay of all handmade, locally made, up-cycled, vintage, and repurposed goods, mostly by American artists and designers. It boomed especially around the recession when people wanted to keep their $$$ in America and shove aside imported goods. This was great for us shy but creative people…

My designs are always original, like any Socalette. Themes range from Lana Del Rey (edgy, hard, beautiful, seductive), to Zoe Deschanel (quirky, fun, flirty, different), and everything in between- beachy, light, basic, the list goes on…. Basically, I try to encompass who the Socalette is- the Southern Californian Starlette.  Please take a look at my designs, leave feedback, Favorite them ^_^ They are all different, original, and authentic. I’m always up for custom orders so please contact me with any questions!  Thank you!


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