New Jobs, Green Chakras, and the Ever-Present Distraction


I have begun to wholeheartedly believe we come in contact with people in our lifetime for reasons, many unbeknownst to us. Some interactions feel forced, others more natural. Some interactions even offer a kind of energetic spark that we feel if even for a short time.

   Last night, after parking my friend’s car in downtown Ventura, I met up with a new coworker of mine. We met earlier in the week at a work orientation. I remember when we had to take turns and introduce ourselves, I instantly was struck by this person. I stood up, looked around, and immediately before I said my name to the room of about 40 people, I saw him about two tables away. My green chakra instantly whirred- what was it about this person?? So calmly I announced my name, the department I work in, and a little about myself. For the next two days, i felt his eyes on me, and we found ourselves continuously gravitating toward eachother. Between  friendly bantering and light-hearted jokes, I picked up slight things about him. Finally at the end of our orientation, he mustered up the courage to ask if I’d be down to hang out “over a cup of coffee”.
     Now, as I don’t drink coffee, I agreed to meet him in Ventura, over beers at the Barrelhouse. We had one round there before deciding it was too noisy to stay. I could tell of his introversion- the preference to be in quieter areas, less people, etc. That was fine with me, so we got up and walked around downtown.
  After stopping by Blu Orkid(to see that it had shut down), and Rocket Fizz (for some black licorice & Hi Chews), we found our way to Watermark’s second floor balcony. There, we spent about two hours just talking, reminiscing of life before college, and comparing experiences in life. Finally, the Golden question arises.
 “So, if you don’t mind me asking, how old are you?” He asked. I chuckled, “I was wondering when that question would come up. Um, honestly, I’ve thought about asking you, but I kind of want to try something…” his face turned curious, “…I’ve noticed that as soon as people find out other people’s ages, they tend to change, maybe even without thinking.”
 “Ahhhh I see…”
 “Yea so I am going to hold off on that question if you don’t mind. BUT I can reassure you, I am not 30 or over!”
 “Interesting, ok I see what you mean. Well this does add to the mystery,” he nodded thoughtfully.
   Later in the conversation, he asked me if I were seeing anyone, or open to dating now that I’m back in VC. I said that I wasn’t seeing anyone, and sure, if it came to pass, I’d be open to dating. But, I added, with my busy schedule, I wasn’t sure how I’d maintain a healthy relationship through everything else that I was doing.
  At the end of the night, a complete analysis of our conversations and interaction has led me to believe that he isn’t much older than 25 at best. But his maturity level and background/upbringing is that of someone older, wiser. He has traveled, has a good relationship with his family, and knows his roots. He has done yoga, blogged, and now works full time, isn’t afraid to sweat, but still cleans up nicely. But his light caramel eyes are what strike me the most. What’s going on here???
Ughhhh I’m too busy for this, but my gut says “tough”.

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