The 150 and Eyes, the Socalette ventures to Santa Barbara


Driving down the 150 through the beautiful brush, under the early autumn sun is such a simple, yet meaningful pleasure. This is what a sunny Sunday in California is about.

   Today’s agenda: pick up C., mosey up the 150, past Lake Casitas, to Santa Barbara museum of art, walk around State Street, people watch, and, of course, eat.
   I don’t think I’ve been on the 150 through Ojai since maybe I was 10 years old, when my mother would take me on random road trips on sunny days. Today was just as beautiful as I remember. As we weaved around the curves, C and I bantered along, shared stories of life, our philosophies, and experiences, flecked with jokes here and there. He’s a pleasant person, and I’m trying hard not to over analyze him, as it’s my nature.
   Getting into Santa Barbara, we could see the ocean in a distance and it briefly reminded me of when I would drive to north shore in Oahu. The air was warm and breezy as we walked around State street and to the museum. It made me giddy inside to be in that museum- it had been a long time since I’ve visited, so it was like I was a kid again in a toy store… A strange artsy toy store. Browsing the wings, I wondered what it was like to be C, rather, someone who saw this modern art so objectively and through fresh eyes. I sometimes get so caught up in the technical aspects that I miss just art for art’s  sake.
  Eventually we found our way to Yogurtland (yea I would right? Haha me and frozen treats~) for an afternoon snack. I lightly teased C for never having it before, “oh my god where have you been all your life??!” On a bench outside we people-watched and shared his plain tart and my coconut, which we jokingly figured reflected who we are. As we sat there and talked, I quietly listened to his choice of words. It seemed like he had this level of introspection he had tapped into but couldn’t yet convey quite as clearly as he maybe desired, as some of his descriptors felt a little forced. At first I thought maybe he was just trying to impress me by using such wording, but figured it was less of a devious effort and more of a loss of better words. This happens to me all the time, so I couldn’t hate on that.
     Walking around on our little Sunshine Adventure, we found our way to REI, then a rad smoke shop covered in street art, and then surrounded by a choice of what to do for dinner. After debating back and forth between Indian, Italian, Thai and Sushi,  I suggested we play rock-paper-scissor to figure it out. What can I say, I’ve always been a competitive person ;P
   Finally, we ended up at my favorite Italian place, surrounded by tons of food! Course by course we talked, and I could feel the conversations edging on serious. There was something he wanted to say but just couldn’t, and my hunch was reaffirmed eventually. I guess I must have looked inquisitive as soon as he was about to speak which caused him to back away. He was right, we don’t know eachother. But at the same time, no one really knows anyone right?
   Somehow after a huge dinner, we managed coffee (tea for me) at an outside cafe. The rest of the evening was spent talking and star gazing and I found myself quite intrigued about his background and where he is now considering what he had been through. It was also nice observing the differences in his eyes, as they’re teal sometimes, blue other times, then grey, while his left eye is part light brown. They kind of make my eyes look boring actually. His eyes were deep, a hint sad, but hopeful. As if he had lived a million lives already.
    I’m going to spare some of the details of our conversation, but it was an overall beautiful day and night and I felt truly blessed to be in the sunshine and under the stars with an interesting soul.

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