In California, Fall means….


Different Stroke for Different Folks~

1. …Finally wearing that amazing wool coat that was purchased last spring when no one ever needs a coat (and therefore prices are virtually nonexistent). For me, it’s my prized Funktional coat I bought from Number A in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles last Spring. With a fully lined and tailored look, it’s a sleek A-line zip-up that has this ferocious collar to it. It’s one of the few things that lets me enjoy cold weather. Don’t forget the boots, the scarves, and the iPhone-compatible gloves!

2. …And by cold weather, Fall means our crazy perception on the “cold” weather change. So we might be a little off… ::shrug:: If we think 65 degrees is grounds for a wool coat, who is anyone to judge? I have literally seen out-of-towners wearing booty shorts and cut-off tank tops in the rain because they think it’s still “warm” enough. Wierdos.

3. …Going to lengths for the perfect Halloween costume. If I want to spend boats of money at every thrift store possible in order to find the perfect pieces for my pirate costume, you bet I’ll win first place. Along with the costumes, we can get pretty competitive at parties and social events. I actually have bragging rights at costume contests since the 10th grade, and proud of it.


Find this Badboy at any major Foodtruck meet

4. …Renewed cravings for grilled cheese sandwiches and hot tomato soup. Yesterday, at work, there were these AMAZING soy-cheese grilled sandwiches with fresh tomato bisque. Today, it rained. The universe likes to pair cold weather up with such sandwiches and soups. It’s not surprising that the Grilled Cheese Truck tends to have higher rates of customers during these months. Who wouldn’t want a grilled cheese with smoked gouda, bacon, poutine, red onions, and macaroni to fight off the rain?


The Legendary Cronut

5. …Cravings for new treats, edible and nonedible. The latest craze in the foodie department are Cronuts. I first had one a few weeks ago in Culver City, and it made my pupils dilate instantly. Think of a croissant marrying a donut and then having sumptuous layered sugary babies… okay, maybe not the best analogy, but you get the idea. Now pair it with a hot soy chai latte, and you have the best way to spend a day with your new non-edible cuddle buddy. Let’s get real, cold weather is the perfect excuse for cuddling. So get to it.

6. …Exercising your right to exercise. Just because the bikini season is on a short break, doesn’t mean we can’t stay fit. Besides keeping healthy, we need to win costume contests (see #3), eat tons of Thanksgiving food in November, and prepare for the Winter holiday parties. Besides, realistically, bikini season never left. Just head down to San Diego and POW! you’re back in summer.

Hope you’re ready for Fall 2013! I know I am….. The Socalette ^_^


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