Things Crashing, People Clashing, and A Nerdy Knight in Hollywood


Bright and early this morning (5:30am to be exact), I started getting ready for school. School on the weekend?! Yep, this is my life.

The Perk of 5:30am

The Perk of 5:30am

As rough as it sounds, driving to the sunrise is a wonderful consolation for having to sacrifice the dreamworld. Besides, the prospect of tearing up the town tonight amped me up. After parking the car at the North Hollywood Metro station, I boarded the red line into Los Angeles.

Between studying my flashcards and flipping through my Alt-J playlist (I’m OBSESSED with Alt-J now), I wondered how the rest of the day would go. So far, it seemed pretty packed with things to do: homework, volunteer work, and later Hollywood. I started thinking that I should just let go of any prospects of hanging with C in the near future. Some how the universe was keeping a good distance between us lately. Was it for a reason? Who knows. But with so much on my plate, I had to get used to not controlling guy schedules. I mean, how much should a girl try to make plans with a guy who clearly seemed suddenly apathetic? I wondered, was it because I opted out of being his girlfriend awhile back? or was it that he was seeing someone else now? or does he think I’m seeing someone else (which I’m not, I have no life)? Whatever it was, a deep inhale and exhale released these preoccupations.

Thirty minutes later, I was sitting at my desk in class. Today was graphing day in Methods of Observation class, and I was stoked to use my new laptop for this. Maybe too stoked to show off the touch screen feature that the Universe decided “Nope. No showing off.” In an instant, my two-month old laptop contracted a bug and crashed. WTF. Sitting there for almost an hour, struggling to get back to default, the heat from my angry being started radiating off my shoulders. “Aww that sucks,” said one of my classmates. Yea. This does. Gritting my teeth, I pledged to give Toshiba a piece of my mind. This moment reminded me how resilient I had to be, as I silently got up, and went to the computer lab to do the assignment on my own.

Due to my computer crapping out on me, I drove straight home, had a glass of wine, and begun to run around to get it fixed. Sheepishly, I called out of my volunteer work (this was an emergency), and let W know that I may not make it tonight. After discovering I’d have to relinquish my laptop for a week while it gets fixed, I headed to Whole Foods to cool off. Their wine section always makes me feel better. A bottle of Malbec and sautéed Soy-rizo later, the world was looking up, and I decided to go out with W afterall. She always has something fun going on and I could use a distraction from the day’s let-downs.

Back on the red line toward Hollywood, I headed out for a night where I would only sleep for 3 hours before class the next morning. At the AFI Film Fest at Grauman’s Chinese Theater, there was a plethora of people-watching going on. While in line for our film, metabolismsome guy (who must’ve been about 50) in another line approaches me out of no where, “Would you join me for a movie?” Wide-eyed and stunned, I slowly reply, “Ummm I’m already going in to see one tonight. Sorry.” “What about this Tuesday or Wednesday?” “I, uhhh…” Just then, a guy next to me and W interjects (THANK GOD), “Ugh Buddy, I think you’re holding up the line,” and gestures toward the empty space in front of him and the irritated people behind him. THANK YOU UNKNOWN NERDY CUTE GUY!!!!! After that, Nerdy cute guy then asked me and W if we noticed his “rad” rollerblades. Rollerblades? Indoors? Hahahhaaa I was so shocked by this dude’s bold move that I failed to see the wheels. Not even ten minutes later, W gets approached by probably the drunkest dude in the theater (there’s a bar in this place). Not only was he swaying back and forth like palm trees in the Philippines, but he REEKED of alcohol. I’d safely guess maybe Jack and Coke- he smelled cheap. Finally they opened the doors for us, and we nearly ran away from him and into the theater. Oh look, Cute nerdy guy sitting right behind us. How convenient ::smile::

The movie, a modern foreign Romanian film (titled  When Evening Falls on Bucharest or Metabolism) was nice, but slow-moving. A poignant look at the ever-present but unspoken life and affairs between directors and actresses, it passive-aggressively sustains feelings of mystery, pretentiousness, and wit. The scene towards the end has the actress insisting she stop staying at the director’s place, citing that she’s not too dumb to know that she hasn’t been his first conquest in the industry where beautiful and willing women aren’t hard to come by. Before even being asked, she unapologetically proceeds to tell him that he is not the first of his kind she’s been with. Perhaps this unspoken knowledge of torn faith and guilt has something to do with his “ulcers” he seems to lie about, but he realistically shows how deceptive some men in power are willing to be. Between the mix of Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Russian in the Romanian language, I thought the movie was true-to-life, and an interesting look into their way of show business that probably isn’t unlike the American way.

After the movie, we ran into my friend S, caught up, photos were taken, margaritas flowed, random small talk with dudes at bars initiated laughter between me and W, and a late-night run to Forever 21 and Rite-Aid became necessary to stay overnight in LA. The world was good again. Shout outs to W and her awesomeness, and Nerdy cute guy who I may never see again.

The Socalette


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