A Quick Lesson in Laughing When the Joke’s on Me


The universe likes to toy with me. Or god. Or vishnu. Or whatever you want to call the omnipresent controller. But whoever this is, it has a sometimes silly and sick sense of humor.

When I was 20, I got my third car. My dad asked me, “what color and model do you want?” “I don’t know but I know I DON’T want a green car with beige leather interior.” He nodded. The next week, I was handed the keys to a dark green car with beige interior. Damn. As grateful as I was, all I could wonder is “why ask then??!!”

That same year, I met a great guy. Everything I wanted in a guy. After a great first evening, I remember playfully thinking to myself, “oh man, he’s so great. How ironic would it be if he had the one car I can’t stand?” (The scion xB). We walked outside to say our goodbyes, and he pulled out his scion key as he walked towards what resembled a mail truck.

A few weeks ago, a classmate and I had a spat over something super dumb, which resulted in us not caring to speak to eachother. The day after our spat, we showed up to class wearing the EXACT same thing. She isnt a bad person, but i still don’t really care for her.

Lately I’ve successfully divorced myself from analyzing people when it isn’t about work. But as the world would have it, this is the time my instincts are getting the better of me.

Isn’t it ironic when you know the answers but don’t want to know what the questions are?  I guess the only thing to do now is laugh~

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