6 Things that New Years Means in Southern California


Around the world, New Years eve is celebrated with fireworks, parties, food, prayers, and wishes. But what does it mean for us here in SoCal? I’ve compiled a short list of what it means for us here:

1. 2014 means getting back into a shape. A new diet fad, juice cleanse, workout routine, and self-help mantra that will have a shelf-life for about 90 days. Equinox and our local barre method studio will have fabulous sign-up discounts to help rid us of our holiday party flab and get us back down to the size “0” that Ke$ha all wanted us to be. We may even attempt a new yoga pose or two. But really, we are already thinking about the summer beach body. This is California after all~

2. 2014 means another chance at love. Whether it’s chatting up the girl at The Coffee Bean you see who is always reading Chopra, or finally committing to a date with a longtime friend, the slate is clean to start drawing on again. It’s like we are all born-again at The Standard Rooftop in LA. Although outsiders may think we have no hearts that aren’t from Tiffany’s, ours are definitely real. How else do you think we could have such love for Balboa Park, Blake Griffin, and even bacon-wrapped hot dogs? Now we just need to find the person to share these things with… by Valentines Day.

3.  2014 means doing something you missed out on in 2013. I missed out on going to Santa Barbara’s Solstice festival last June, but Vishnu knows I’ll be there in all my coconut bra glory this year. Whether it’s not getting that tan  we promised ourselves, or not having the money to rent out a bar-hopping bike in Venice or Hermosa beach,  here are 12 more months to check some things off the bucket list. Camping in Avalon? Sure why not!

4. 2014 means not repeating mistakes of 2013. Maybe instead of trying to date 3 guys at once, let’s dumb it down to 1 or 2 and save the sanity. Sometimes us Californians get way in over our heads when we get passionate about things (we did elect a celeb governor one time). This is a new year that we get to take it down a notch, weigh the pros and cons first, and then act. Will we actually be successful at this one? Probably not. Will we at least try? Maybe after a grey goose martini with 3 bleu-cheese stuffed olives. But no guarantees.

5. 2014 means new memories with our friends. I have some friends who are in some rad bands, but rarely do I get to go see them due to my schedule. But this year, Im aiming to set aside 1 day a month to see one rockin gig of their. House of Blues, make some space. Also, now is the time to find some new hiking trails, play some Cards Against Humanity, take careless pictures, and do things my momma wouldn’t like. All with the people who hold me up when I’m too tipsy to stand. Cheers to friends and future friends.

6. Finally, 2014 means The Mu’Fuggin Rose Parade/Rose Bowl! Nevermind the fact that Oregon has its own Rose Festival and parade every year, and that it’s about as old as Pasadena’s, or that we still think Stanford is better because it’s a Californian school (even though Michigan did kick ass), but EVERYONE loves a parade. I used to camp out on those streets during NYE just to get great viewing spots for the next day and the memories that resulted in those shenanigans are priceless. From meeting Japanese tourists to feeding cops from my BBQ pit to throwing marshmallows at cars, those were the nights. The next day I’d marvel in the beauty of this floral tradition of grand-scale exhibitionism. 


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