The Art of New Life that Only FB Can Paint


As we all know, you have no access to my Facebook, unless you know me personally. But chances are, you have a Facebook of  your own. One where you develop and re-develop yourself over and over as the California breeze repeats itself. I’ve become convinced that life is meant to be lived dynamically, therefore, to embrace change is to learn the art of life.

Facebook, of all things, gives us this new-age platform to do such a thing. It supplies the publicity we need to garner the steady support to drive us to the next personality we can become.  We can have an idea and within an hour, have 30 fans to make the idea a credible goal. Some may even comment! So while some are “too good” for FB, they’re overlooking an important concept: we all change, it can be a struggle or an art. With the support through FB, it can be a delightful evolution.  This is just a hint of my recent FB posts; they touch on the changes we go through in life. I know I’m not alone on this, so I hope you feel a sense of belonging upon reading them…

1/8/14: Woooossssaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh (must play nice in the sandbox, nice in the sand box, nice in the sandbox)…..

1/15/14: I love it when people at my house leave their alarm on after they’ve left and locked their bedroom door, said NO ONE EVER.

1/17/14: The way of the world is like water: if you flow with it, you’re safe; if you fight it, you could drown.

1/22/14: Listening to Inside Out by Eve 6 (throwback right?!) and realizing that this ENTIRE song is about me…#heartinablender

1/24/14: What the heck do I want?!

1/24/14: Today’s theme is balance…-balanced the mind by taking care of some business stuff finally,-balanced the soul with yoga and yoga business,-balanced the body with a pedicure…How do you practice balance?#1stepyogi

1/26/14: To all guys out there who have dated me, have tried dating me or are trying to date me now, it’s a D*Bag move to show interest and then not text/call me back when I actually find free time to hang.
I’m busy, and chances are you aren’t important enough for me to chase. Deuces.

1/26/14: Women are like the painting by Gustave Courbet (“The Origin of the World”, 1866); they are pure, sometimes obscene, often misunderstood, yet highly powerful and resilient.
They deserve close observation and demand skilled attention. Try it sometime- it’s invigorating what you might learn.

1/26/14: From my life in the dating world, almost everything reminds me of a guy in my past lives. Now, I’m on the search to find something that doesn’t give me a flashback to a face.
Something purely my own.


As you can probably tell, there is a shift going on in my head. I liken it to my own renaissance, or renewal. A ton of crap has happened in the last couple years, but now I see it’s paying off. Hope you get to see that shift as well, even if it is manifested on Social Media.

The Socalette


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