Superbowl, Standards, and Self-Absorbed Students, All in LA


As I write this, Im at school. On Superbowl Sunday. Yea. I win. *not*

Anyway, as far as Im concerned, many Angelenos are wondering when we are going to get a football team of our own. Many speculate that it’s because of the potential rise in traffic if there were a team/field out here. Personally, I think we haven’t because we already dominate in things like basketball, college football, pro hockey (besides Canadians), awesomeness, foodtrucks and weather. What else would the rest of the nation then have? Curling?

Anyway, while some of my friends are watching the game and gorging on fried food, I decided to take my school break up to the rooftops of the Standard hotel just a block away. This place never ceases to amaze- the ever-changing modern art fixtures, the biergarten, the infinity pool, and the giant mural of Obama playing ping pong that greets people coming in to play black light ping pong in the new pong room. I made my way up to the rooftop lounge for some lunch and reading, and ended up falling asleep on their cushy couches under the heat lamps. Los Angeles doesn’t age up here, it gets cloudy, misty, cool, and sometimes rainy, but it always clears up and stays beautiful.

I needed this time away from campus, and away from the cohort I share space with. They’re cool for the most part, but I’ve quickly figured out who is who and who doesn’t get along with who. Some of them act like they have a silver pen in their hands. What they don’t realize is that we are all paying the SAME price for our units. If me being me doesn’t settle with some, it’s not a personal attack on them, I am just fully aware that they don’t pay my loans.

With that thought, I sipped on my St. Germaine on the rocks, enjoyed my spinach and goat cheese panini, and continued lounging under the sunlit clouds. For the moment, it was just me, my book, and that hot guy pedaling away in the rooftop gym in the high-rise across from me. Life is good in LA, even if some people at school do give socal a bad wrap. Meh, what can you do?

The Socalette


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