At the StandardPeople often ask me the great American question: “What are you?” They try guessing that I’m Cambodian, Black, Mexican, Brazilian, Chinese, Hawaiian, Filipino, Laotian, Viet, and even Korean. It’s one of my fave games, I don’t feel offended at all.  What people fail to guess is who I REALLY am- Californian. Further, a SoCalette. So what is a SoCalette?

socalette [sō’·kàl-ĕt] NOUN

a. any female human who is native to the state of California, with ties either by birth or adoption to Southern region; generally a young adult who embraces Southern California culture.

b. a young female who continually tries to learn about California, while having ties to the Southern region.

Syn: any female who is creative, open-minded, an adventurer, a self-taught Matisse enthusiast, a bacon party-member, an ocean dweller, a Griffith star gazer, a No Doubt groupie, an iPhotographer, a wine-o, an organic chef, a reusable bag toter, a reader of things between lines, a sunrise yogi and a sunset jogger, a celebrity spotter, a metro rider, a graffiti art critic, a foodtruck racer, a martini maker, a strawberry grower, and finally a lover of all things California.

I go by the SoCalette. This is where I share the best, wierdest, and tastiest things I learn about this great golden state. Enjoy!


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